About me

It all started in 2005, sort of on a whim.  I ran my first half marathon with my dad, because the person he was going to run with dropped out.  We finished in a blistering 2:27:13 (and yes, that's a half marathon).  After that race, I started to wonder how much better I could do.  A year later, I ran the same race and shaved off just under fourteen minutes.  That was great, but I wanted more.

Later that year, I stumbled upon triathlons.  During a phone call with The Captain, we decided we wanted to tackle the Ironman.  My main motivation?  The coveted M-dot tattoo.  My first Ironman was tough, but I finished.  And now I'm hooked.  My goal each season is just to improve.  If that means finishing one second faster, I'll take it.  I'd love to eventually race in Kona, but I would have to improve a whole heck of a lot in order for that to happen.  For now, I just focus on doing the best I can and encouraging others to do the best that they can (because really, who wouldn't want an Ironman tattoo?).

And yes, I did get the Ironman tattoo!