Sunday, April 28, 2013

My first taste of the Vega One bar!

A few weeks back, I posted a picture of a little care package that Vega sent me, which was one of the amazing benefits of being a part of Team Vega. Inside that package were some items I have tried, as well as some brand new items that I had never tried. One of those items was the new Vega One bar.

There's a few different flavors, including chocolate cherry, chocolate almond, and double chocolate. Now, to be clear, I am part of Team Vega, but they are not compensating me for writing a review (other than sending me some samples). So this review is my honest opinion based on my personal preferences.

Of these flavored, my favorite was the double chocolate, and my least favorite was the chocolate almond. The chocolate cherry was also very good, but not my favorite. I felt that each bar had a very good initial taste, with a bit of a "health bar" after taste. Not something that I would say was bad, but just something that I noted was there. I compared these bars to other health bars that I've had in the past (for example, Cliff), and I honestly place them near the top, if not the very top. The reason why they would actually be at the top of my list is because of what is actually inside of them.

In each of the Vega One bars, there is 15 grams of plant based protein, 6 grams of fiber, 1.5 grams of Omega-3, antioxidants, probiotics, and greens! The greens blend is a mix of alfalfa grass, spinach leaf, broccoli florets, and kale. And the antioxidants are from grape seed extract, maqui berry, goji fruit, a├žai berry, pomegranate seed, and mangosteen fruit! And there's also chia seeds! Even better, you get all of that for only 250 calories. It's actually pretty amazing.

The only thing that I could see as holding back anyone from buying these bars is the price. And I'll be honest, I have always thought that. But when I started to look into exactly what was in these bars, and thought of the cost of all of those high quality ingredients, it is actually not that bad. It's not something that I would eat multiple times a day, but it would be a tremendous on-the-go snack!

Overall, I would say that I was thoroughly impressed with the taste and quality of the new Vega One bars, and have found that it will become a regularly stocked item in my household. I highly recommend that you give them a try!

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