Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Uh, where did I go?

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was sitting down in the comfort of my home to compose the most epic blog post of all time, sure to receive some type of award (but definitely not for proper use of grammar or spelling...ha!).  I reached over to take a sip of my new favorite sports drink, PowerCoCo, and then BAM!  The Ironman is over, the Phoenix Marathon is over, in 2 and a half weeks I'm running a 50k (why!?), and then in July I'll be helping a buddy of mine run over 700 miles through Death Valley.  What in the world has happened between November and now?

To be honest, I'm not really sure.  It's kind of been a tornado of family, holidays, triathlon, running, vacations, working, eating, sleeping, eating some more, less sleeping, eating some more, working a lot more, etc.  All I know is that I have committed to help my buddy Rick Cheever attempt an amazing feat.  During the month of July, he will be running over 700 miles through Death Valley.  He has actually put together a small little support team of other athletes, and our goal as a whole is to raise money to build water wells in Uganda.  What's the name of this epic adventure you may ask?  Well I'll tell you!  Rick has come up with the catchy and creative name of Quintessentially Well.  The name has a few different meanings, but in short it relates to the 5 wells that we want to build in Uganda, the 5 crossings of Death Valley that Rick will be doing, and we have 5 team members!  Oh, and because Rick is 5 times crazier than the rest of us (ha!).

So that's what I have been up to.  I'll try to post more regularly, but I make no guarantees.  And for my Ironman Arizona recap...it might show up one of these days.  But again, no promises.  Oh, and my Boston Qualifying attempt!  I didn't really make an attempt.  I know, two negatives, both right together.  So let's end on a positive...

This epic journey in July all comes down to one major concept...there are places in Uganda (and many other parts of the world too!) that don't have clean drinking water.  Their children are forced to walk for miles to get water from dirty rivers and lakes (the same rivers and lakes that they bathe in).  This a huge cause of disease.  We are trying to build 5 water wells (which will cost a little over $50,000) in hopes to provide many villages and future generations with the benefits of clean drinking water.  Please consider donating to our cause (none of the money goes to us...it all goes to the well-building efforts!).  Every $1 helps!!!!

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