Friday, December 23, 2011

Yesterday's bike/run brick

Since it's still early in my Ironman CdA training, and technically I haven't started my official training plan yet (but soon, very soon!), I'm taking this time to test the waters on some workouts that I've never done before.  And Thursday brought hill repeats, on the bike, followed by a brick run.

The Captain met me at my house around 9:15 a.m., and we got our stuff on and headed out the door.  We did a nice, easy warm up pace on the bike for the first 4 miles, then started our first set of hill repeats.  Our initial plan was to do a set of repeats, then ride for about 20 miles, and follow that up with another set of hill repeats.  After our third time up the hill, I reached forward to adjust my front shifter and felt it suddenly come loose.  It took my a moment to realize what had just happened.  I stopped my bike and looked down, expecting to see some major destruction to my bike, but was relieved to find that my front shifter cable had just come out of the little screw that holds it to the derailleur.  I messed with it for about 30 seconds before deciding that this would be best done at home.  So, we altered our ride and decided to just do another 5 hill repeats, gradually increasing in intensity.  This was actually perfect because I only had my easier gears available to me.  The rest of the ride went smoothly and we headed home to do the brick run.

The run was actually very nice.  We headed out for a four mile run, and picked up the pace a little bit on each mile, with the last one being done at 7:40.  I enjoy doing runs like this because I get to push The Captain to his limit, whereas he pushes me during the swim.

Another successful workout in the books, and it's a good thing because it's holiday time now, and who knows what is going to happen to my training this weekend (actually, I know...and it rhymes with zero).

Thanks for reading!

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