Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've returned!

No, I didn't actually go anywhere.  I just got lazy!  And not in the sense that I stopped working out.  Hopefully that is never a problem.  More in the sense that life has been pretty busy and something needed to be put on hold...which ended up being my super informative blog!  Ha!  And I know you were all sitting on the edge of your seats, checking your email multiple times a day and refreshing my homepage once an hour hoping for an update, only to be disappointed.  And for that, I am sorry.  Hopefully after reading this little update, you will be able to get a decent night of sleep!  In all reality, I live with my only reader, so she is pretty up to date on the athlete side of my life...doh!

I believe that the last time I posted an update, I mentioned something about trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon again.  Well, I had my first race of the season, which was to be my first attempt at qualifying, on Feb. 17th at the Arizona Marathon.  The results of that race will be coming to your computer screen in another couple days, in the form of a race report.  Just be warned, it's a nail biter!

In other news, I am very fortunate to have a few dealings in the works on the sponsorship end.  No, I'm not talking about getting paid like a professional, but more along the lines of what I did with Team Marathon Bar for the last 3 seasons.  Again, that info will be coming soon.  In fact, maybe I'll start treating you to some inside information starting tomorrow morning....

And with that, my first update in what seems like forever is done!  I was really just letting all of you know that I have not yet died, and that I will have some exciting posts coming up!  So grab some coffee and just keep hitting that refresh button until those updates show up (which will be tomorrow morning, I promise).

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  1. i was minutes away from unsubscribing to this blog, because after months of refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, there just were not any updates.
    NOW . . . no worries
    i have something to look forward to . . .