Thursday, December 30, 2010

I asked for it!

Well, it looks as if I've spoken too soon.  My last post was about some of the annoying things that I've had to overcome during the training/build-up for the Goofy Challenge.  Today, I happened to look at the 10 day forecast for Orlando, FL.  Granted, a forecast this far out can be a little inaccurate.  However, I was still pretty unhappy to see what is in store for me and my 42.4 miles of fun.

Starting on Friday, which is when the 5k takes place, the temps are supposed to be at about 53* for the start, which is fine.  Along with that, there is now supposed to be rain!  Awesome.  Next, on Saturday, for the half marathon, the temp is supposed to be about 45*, also with rain!  Woo hoo.  The predicted weather for the marathon won't be posted until tomorrow, and I'm sort of afraid to look.  I keep telling myself that if I don't look, then it will just end up being perfect weather.

I've done some searching around online, and come across a few different forums talking about the weather for this race.  There is one guy, whom everyone calls "coach" (I didn't care to investigate for any period of time as to why he has earned, or given himself, this nickname) who seems to think that the forecasts are nothing to worry about.  He claims that there are several places out there that are offering varying forecasts for race weekend, and that we can pretty much ignore what everyone says until a few days before the race.  Well, I know my luck.  It's pretty safe to say that if at some point someone says there is going to be rain, or some other obstacle for my race, then it is going to happen. 

So on that note, it looks like I shouldn't have written that post the other day about the obstacles.  I would like to apologize to everyone out there that is participating in Disney World Marathon Weekend for causing this rain to happen.  You can blame me.  But, as long as I am still able to finish all the races, I really don't care.  Only one week left!

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  1. ha ha.... I have been watching the weather like it is my job. I wasn't thrilled to see the rain either. I keep hoping it will change!