Friday, January 14, 2011

Dopey/Goofy Challege Race Recaps!!!! First up, the 5k.

Well it's been a little while since I've posted anything.  I got pretty caught up in the new year, and getting my final little bit of training in for the big event.  I'd like to think that I was just extremely focused on the upcoming race, and that's why I didn't do any posts, but that's not completely the case.  Anyways, the race is over, and it was so much fun!  Rather than doing one big summary of the whole weekend, I'll do each race separately.  So here's the 5k recap.

I signed up to run this race mainly because I was doing the Goofy Challenge (a half marathon and marathon on a Saturday/Sunday), and I noticed that there were some people online talking about a "Dopey" challenge.  The "Dopey" consisted of doing the Goofy Challenge, plus the 5k on Friday.  So the weekend would look like this: Friday - 5k, Saturday - half marathon, Sunday - marathon.  It was an unofficial thing, but I figured, if I'm gonna go do this thing, I might as well do it all!  So I signed up, and kinda forced my wife to sign up for the 5k with me.  It was her first 5k, and I think she actually enjoyed it (though she won't tell you that she did!).

The day started off to a bang when we woke up and found out the it was pretty stinkin' cold outside.  We had been watching the weather forecasts, but they were basically changing every hour.  Then once we get to the race site, we found out that my wife had made a little mistake.  Here's a video to explain...

Which explains this picture:

And here's my bib (which I did not forget, I'd like to point out):

It started in the parking lot of Epcot (at Disney World), and sort of went around the parking lot before entering into the park and running around the big lake and exiting the park to the finish line.  I think there was around 5,000 people that did this race.

There were a couple funny moments during the race.  First, both my wife and I didn't get a chance to use the beautiful port-o-lets before the race.  So unfortunately, as soon as the race started, my wife needed to make a pit stop.  The problem was, every bathroom we came to, the other women who were in the same situation were coming out saying, "There's no toilet paper!"  It took us until the 4th stop to finally find a port-o-potty that had the required sanitary wipes.  Second, there were these guys that were dressed like pink flamingos, and were running around trying to make pink flamingo noises.  They had pink tutus and all.  Pretty funny.  Next up were these three little kids that were in full costume.  There were running around like crazy, weaving in and out of everyone.  If you blinked, they were gone.  Here's a short clip of them:

Finally, there was a group of girls that were wearing the exact same outfit as my wife!  Here's a short clip of how I almost lost her in the race...


What are the odds of that!?

So with that, the 5k was over.  And here's a picture of me and the wife holding up our fabulous finisher medals.

Oh, I almost forgot!  My 2 year old daughter ran a race that same day!  She ran a 100m dash!

It was pretty entertaining watching, and running with, all these little kids.  I took video of the whole thing if you wanna watch it.  Never mind the lady at the very end of the video who is yelling about her child.  It is not really a funny story as to why she's yelling, but the way she handled the situation was pretty funny.  So, here's Alli in her 100m race!

Now that's all for Friday's excitement!


  1. Congrats to your wife on her 5k (whether she wanted to or not...) :) Can't wait to hear the rest of the recaps.