Monday, January 24, 2011

Still waiting

I had to double check and make sure I didn't accidentally disable commenting on my previous blog.  And I didn't.  Which means, I'm still waiting for all of those free coaching offers to start coming in.  I'd appreciate if you contact me before next Monday, which is when I will be starting my self-made training plan.  So, go ahead.  I'm waiting!!!!!!!!


  1. well, keep in mind that whoever is spending time reading your blog just probably are not those multi-million dollar sponsor types, however are more that willing to put in their two cents. so . . .
    oh, i got to go get some change, be back in a minute.

  2. Ha! You better come back soon! I'll just go ahead and wait for you...

  3. well, i found my change purse and here is my two cents regarding coaching. in the early days of triathlon, there was no such thing as triathlon coaches or even triathlon equipment. as the sport evolved, the equipment evolved along with training strategies. today, more & more people take triathlon into consideration and it has opened a market for coaching. you have been active in triathlon for a number of years and have been successful on your own. your lastest marathon accomplishment demostrates your ability to stick to a training plan and it appears your body responded positively. there is some excellent information available today to assist in general training programs. where a "real" coach comes into play is in monitoring your program and progress and making adjustments as necessary. a good relationship between coach and athlete is critical for the outcome to be fruitful.
    so, while nike may not be knocking on your door to sponsor a coach, there are other avenues. in fact, maybe a not so rich family member may be able to set you up with a very good ironman distance coach . . .

  4. Well Old Wise One, all I can really say is I agree. It really doesn't take all that smart of a person to create a training plan, and it takes even less to follow one. The difficulty comes in trying to figure out whether or not the training you are doing is going to be good enough for your goals. As for my training and goals, well, I think I'd be best suited creating my own training plan (which I'm almost done with) and sticking to it. Then, periodically, I'll evaluate it and see how I'm doing. My goal for the Ironman isn't anywhere near crazy (under 12:00) so I'm hoping that as long as I stick with whatever I come up with, I should be ok. Once I get around to getting serious about trying to make it to Kona (which might only be possible when I'm 70!), then maybe I'll think about paying someone to decide if what I'm doing is going to be enough.