Sunday, October 16, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 38

Whew!  Last week was a crazy week.  I ended up getting in a little over 15 hours of training, including a 100-mile bike ride (by myself!) and a 20-mile run.  Needless to say, this week will be a little less on the distances, but it will be a little higher on the intensity side.  Oh, and I have an uphill half marathon this weekend.  Here's the plan:

Monday - Run :45.
Tuesday - Swim 1:00.
Wednesday - Bike 3:00 (on the IMAZ course!).
Thursday - Swim 1:00.  Run 1:00.
Friday - Bike :45.
Saturday - Bike 1:30.


  1. Great job getting through the BIG week! Have fun on the IM AZ course - we did 100 miles on it Saturday. It was sooooooooooooooo HOT. Bring salt tabs :)

  2. Hey Jen! Thanks for reading! I'm pretty excited to be heading out to Tempe to do the IMAZ course. That's great that you did 100 miles last Saturday. It definitely has been hot, and I absolutely will not leave home without those salt tabs! Take care!