Sunday, October 23, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 39

Week 38 was pretty successful.  I had the chance to head to to Tempe to ride on the IMAZ bike course, and also raced in the Mount Lemmon half marathon (race recap coming Wednesday!).  This coming week is going to be, I think, my last century ride and last 20+ mile's almost time to taper!  So, here's the plan:

Monday - Run :45.
Tuesday - Swim 1:00.  Bike 1:30.
Wednesday - Swim 1:00.
Thursday - Swim 1:00.
Friday - Bike 112 miles with 8 mile BRICK run on IMAZ bike and run courses.
Saturday - Rest, or easy swim.
Sunday - Bike :45.  Run 20 miles.

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