Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Price Matching at Walmart, 4/11-4/17

It's Wednesday again, which means I'm up to my usual price-matching mischief.  I'll try and post my fruits/veggies price list each Wednesday, but no promises.  So here's the list for 4/11-4/17.  Oh, and this is only for the Arizona folks...

Apples (Gala) .33/lb EL SUPER *Wed only*

Artichoke .97/ea SFM
Avocados .20/ea FC *Fri/Sat/Sun only* then .33/ea BASHAS
Bananas .33/lb BASHAS
Bell Peppers (green) .20/ea FC, (red) .49/ea SPROUTS *Wed only* then .88/ea FRYS, (yellow/orange) .88/ea SPROUTS
Broccoli .33/lb EL SUPER *Wed only* then 1.00/lb FRYS
Cabbage (green) .33/lb FC
Cantaloupe .33/lb EL SUPER or 1.99/ea FRYS
Carrots (bulk) .22/lb EL SUPER *Wed only* then .33/lb FC
Cauliflower .88/lb SPROUTS
Celery .88/ea SPROUTS
Cilantro .50/ea SFM *Wed only*
Corn (whole) .20/ea ALB
Cucumbers .12/ea PRM *Wed only* then .20/ea FC, (hothouse english) .88/ea FRYS
Eggplant .88/ea SPROUTS
Grapefruit .33/ea FC
Grapes (red) 1.29/lb EL SUPER
Green beans .59/lb SFM *Wed only*
Green onion .50/ea SFM *Wed only*
Honeydew melon 2.00/ea SFM
Lettuce (iceburg) .33/ea PRM *Wed only*, (romaine/green/red) .88/ea SPROUTS
Limes .33/lb PRM *Wed only* (Walmart sells per lime, so figure out a price) then .49/lb FC
Mangos .50/ea EL SUPER
Mushrooms (8oz package) .99/ea EL SUPER
Onion (brown) .14/lb PRM *Wed only* then .16/lb FC, (sweet/yellow) .50/lb FRYS
Parsley .50/ea SFM *Wed only*
Pears (bosc) .33/lb EL SUPER *Wed only*, (anjou) .50/lb FC
Pineapple .97/ea SFM *Wed only* then 2.00/ea SFM
Potatoes (white) .50/lb FC, (russet) .49/lb SPROUTS *Wed only* then .50/lb SPROUTS
Radishes .25/ea PRM
Squash (Italian) .50/lb EL SUPER, (Mex.) .33/lb EL SUPER *Wed only* then .49/lb FC, (yellow) .88/lb SPROUTS
Strawberries (16oz) .99/ea SPROUTS
Tomatoes (large) .33/lb EL SUPER, (roma) .25/lb PRM
Watermelon (seedless) .20/lb EL SUPER, (seeded) .20/lb FC, (mini seedless) 1.50/ea FRYS
Yams (red/jewel) .99/lb SPROUTS *Wed only*
Zucchini 1.00/lb SAFEWAY

The stores I used are El Supermarket, Pro's Ranch Market, Sunflower Market, Sprouts, Albertons, Bashas, Food City, Fry's, and Safeway.  No go save some money and eat healthy!

*as a side note, the ads for Sunflower Market and Sprouts are actually valid Wednesday to Wednesday, so any prices from those stores that are marked *Wed only* are actually from last week's ad.  If this price comes into question with a cashier, kindly explain to them that it is valid and too look at the ad.  Good luck!

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