Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Price Matching at Walmart, 4/18-4/22

Here's another weeks worth of fruit and veggie price matching at the ol' Wally World!  Don't forget to double check this stuff as I am human and can make mistakes!

Apples (red delicious) .50/lb PROS
Artichoke .88/ea SFM
Avocados .20/ea FC *Fri/Sat only* then .33/ea SFM
Bananas .33/lb PROS *Wed only*
Bell Peppers (green) .17/ea FC, (red/yellow/orange) .88/ea SPROUTS
Blackberries (6oz) 1.50/ea SFM
Broccoli .88/lb SPROUTS
Cabbage (green) .33/lb FC
Cantaloupe 2.00/ea SFM *Wed only*
Carrots (1 lb bag baby carrots) .89/ea PROS, (bulk) .33/lb FC
Cauliflower .50/lb PROS
Celery .25/ea ES *Wed only*
Cilantro .50/ea ALB
Corn (whole) .25/ea ES *Wed only*, (canned, Springfield) .49/ea PROS
Cucumbers .12/ea PROS *Wed only* and ES *Sat/Sun only*
Eggplant .88/ea SPROUTS
Grapefruit .25/ea ES
Green onion .50/ea ALB
Honeydew melon 2.00/ea SFM *Wed only*
Kiwi .17/ea ES *Wed only*
Lettuce (iceberg) .25/ea FC, (red/green/romaine) .88/ea SPROUTS
Limes .50/lb ES
Mangos .33/ea ES
Onion (brown) .16/lb FC *Wed only* then .17/lb PROS, (sweet/yellow) .50/lb SPROUTS
Pears (d'anjou) .50/lb ES
Pineapple .50/lb ES (Walmart sells as "each", so just weigh it first and tell them the price) or 1.97/ea BASH
Potatoes (russet, 10lb bag) 1.99/ea ES, (russet/bulk) .49/lb FC, (red) .79/lb FRYS
Radishes .50/ea ALB
Strawberries (1lb) .99/ea PROS
Squash (Italian) .33/lb ES *Wed only* then .88/lb SPROUTS, (gray/yellow) .88/lb SPROUTS
Tangerine .50/lb PROS
Tomatoes (large) .25/lb ES *Wed only*, (hothouse/vine) .50/lb S&F or .77/lb FRYS
Watermelon (seedless) .17/lb PROS
Yams .33/lb PROS

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