Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walmart Price Matching 5/9-5/15, and a preview of the weekend!

Holy frijoles!  The last time I posted was in mid-April.  I can tell from all of the messages that I've been receiving that you are all dying for an update!  Ha!  Well, first off, here's some price matching goodness for your wallet's enjoyment:
Apples (red delicious) .50lb ES *Wed only*
Artichoke .88/ea SPROUTS *Wed only* then .99/ea SFM
Avocados .33/ea BASHAS *Fri/Sat/Sun only* then .88/ea SFM
Bananas .33/lb ES *Wed only*
Bell Peppers (yellow/orange) .99/ea SPROUTS *Wed only* then 1.00/ea SAFEWAY, (red) .75/ea BASHAS, (green) .25/ea FC
Blackberries (5.8oz, Walmart sells 12oz so you can try and double the price, but they may not accept it) .88/ea SPROUTS
Blueberries (6oz) 2.50/ea ALBS
Broccoli .88/lb SFM
Cabbage (red) .50/lb SFM *Wed only*, (green) .20/lb PROS
Cauliflower .99/lb SPROUTS *Wed only*
Celery .49/ea FC
Cilantro .20/ea PROS
Corn (whole) .17/ea SFM (canned, store brand) .33/ea ES *Sat/Sun only*
Cucumbers .11/ea FC
Grapefruit .25/ea ES
Grapes (red) .99/lb ES *Wed only*
Green beans (bulk) .97/lb ES
Green onion .20/ea ES *Wed only*
Kiwi .14/ea ES
Lettuce (romaine/green/red) .88/ea SPROUTS
Mangos .33/ea ES
Oranges .25/lb ES
Onion (brown) .14/lb ES, (white) .33/lb PROS *Wed only*
Papaya .77/lb ES
Parsley .50/ea SFM *Wed only*
Pears (bosc) .49/lb FC
Pineapple .97/ea SPROUTS *Wed only* then .99/ea BASHAS
Potatoes (10lb bag, russet) 1.50/ea FC *Wed only* then 1.67/ea ES, (red) .25/lb PROS *Wed only*
Strawberries (16oz) .97/ea ES *Wed only* then .99/ea PROS
Squash (Mexican) .49/lb FC, (Italian/yellow) .88/lb SPROUTS
Tomatoes (roma) .20/lb FC *Fri/Sat/Sun only* then .33/lb ES, (large) .25/lb PROS *Wed only* then .75/lb BASHAS, (vine) .75/lb FRYS
Watermelon (seedless) .19/lb SPROUTS *Wed only*, (mini seedless) 2.50/ea SPROUTS
Yams .88/lb SPROUTS

Now to the good stuff.  I'm finally going to blog again!  I've actually been super busy (as I'm sure everyone else is too!), so I've sort of neglected this whole thing.  But, I'm going to do a slew of updates this weekend, including a training update for my upcoming Ironman race, a race report for a 70.3 I did in April, and an update on the new triathlon prodigy in my family!  All good stuff, I promise.

So keep your eyeballs fixed on your email, or keep refreshing this site until you see these magical updates appear!

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