Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Price Matching at Walmart (Arizona)

I thought I'd change things up a bit and provide you with part of my weekly grocery shopping!  This list is only the fruits and veggies, but Walmart will actually price match any advertised price from a competitor on any product.  The only catch is, they have to sell it in the same fasion (for example, pineapples are sold per pineapple, not per pound like some other stores).  So, everything I have listed here is valid until Tuesday, April 10th.  Print this list out, take it with you to Walmart, and load up on the fruits and veggies!
Apples (Fuji) .50/lb EL SUPER, (golden delicious) .33/lb FC
Asparagus .98/lb FRYS
Avocados .17/ea EL SUPER *Wed only* then .20/ea FC *Fri/Sat/Sun only
Bananas .25/lb PRM
Bell Peppers (red) .49/ea SPROUTS , (yellow/orange) .88/ea SPROUTS *Wed only*
Blackberries (6oz) .99/ea SPROUTS *Wed only*
Broccoli .50/lb PRM
Cabbage (green) .20/lb PRM, (red) .50/lb SFM *Wed only*
Canned Veggies (Libby's) .50/ea FC *Fri/Sat/Sun only*
Carrots .25/lb EL SUPER
Cauliflower .78/lb FRYS
Celery .88/ea SPROUTS
Cilantro .17/ea FC
Cucumbers .12/ea PRM *Wed only* then .14/ea EL SUPER
Grapefruit .25/ea EL SUPER
Grapes (red) .99/lb EL SUPER *Wed only*, (green) .99/lb SFM *Wed only*
Green beans .59/lb SFM
Green onion .33/ea EL SUPER
Lettuce (Iceburg) .25/ea FC, (red/green) .88/ea SPROUTS *Wed only*, (romaine) .99/ea SFM
Limes .10/ea EL SUPER
Mangos .25/ea PRM *Fri/Sat/Sun only* then .33/ea EL SUPER
Onion (white) .50/lb EL SUPER, (red) .88/lb SPROUTS *Wed only*, (yellow) .50/lb SFM *Wed only*
Parsley .50/ea SFM
Pears (D'anjou) .33/lb EL SUPER *Wed only*
Pineapple .97/ea SFM
Potatoes (russet) .49/lb SPROUTS, (russet 5 lb bag) .77/ea FRYS
Radishes .25/ea PRM
Strawberries 1.25/ea SPROUTS
Squash (Mex.) .33/lb EL SUPER *Wed only*, (Italian) .49/lb FC
Tomatoes (large) .25/lb EL SUPER, (Roma) .25/lb PRM
Watermelon (mini seedless) 2.50/ea FRYS
Yams .49/lb FC
PRM = Pro's Ranch Market, SFM = Sunflower Market, FC = Food City, BASH = Bashas, ALB's = Albertsons, FRYS = Frys (obviously!), SPROUTS = Sprouts (again, obviously!), and EL SUPER = El Supermarket
*Just a organized when you are checking out.  If you separate your price matching from your non-price matching stuff and make it easy for the cashier, they will appreciate it and won't give you a hard time by looking up all the prices in the ads.  All of these prices have been double checked and are valid, so don't be discouraged if they do need/want to double check.

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