Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Applications open for Ironman Foundation Team

If you competed in an Ironman, then surely you've heard of the Ironman Foundation.  Through the years, this program has been called a few different things, and has been presented in a few different ways.  This year, the Ironman is offering another unique opportunity to be a part of a team, supported by the Ironman Foundation.  This team is called the Ironman Foundation-Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team.

I can't say that I read every detail word for word, but I can tell you the quick and easy version.  From what I gather, there will be 40 athletes on the team.  Each athlete will receive a cycling kit and a tri kit, along with a couple other clothing items.  As part of the team, you will need to race in BOTH and Ironman and Ironman 70.3 event, as well as raise $1000 to support the Ironman Foundation cause.  Also, you will be involved in a few charity events to represent the brand.  Another perk will be that you will receive a low bib number at your races, and a reserved seat in the VIP area during the athlete dinner.

It actually sounds like it would be a really fun team to be on, and would make your Ironman experience even that much better!  Good luck to everyone that applies!  Oh, and you better hurry, because the application period closes on March 12th!

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