Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chrissie Wellington taking a break from Ironman

I was shocked to see a post on Facebook saying that 4x Ironman World Champion (and undefeated at the Ironman distance!) Chrissie Wellington announced that she will be taking a break from Ironman in 2012.  Rather than me telling you all about it, you can go to her website to read the actual post from the legend herself.

The announcement can be found on her website by clicking here.

Hopefully she'll be more successful at her other endeavors than Chris McCormack has been...doh! (no disrespect intended...)


  1. Buuuuurn!
    And she's been working at such a high level for so long, plus I've gotta imagine that what she did this last year, cranking out a win despite the crash and the injuries, wore her out. I need a break every time I look at a picture of that road rash.

  2. I agree. She must have given her all at Kona this year, and it's going to be hard for her to have a personal victory better than that race. I'm personally hoping she only takes one year off, as I love see her dominate the field, and I also want to see if anyone can ever beat her!

  3. Hey, but the good news is, she's sharing her wisdom and sources of inspiration with all her fans by publishing her book this year, and releasing a series of training programmes Tri Harder which she has made with sports music experts AudioFuel. Hope you don't mind me letting you know about these endeavours - as we want them to be as successful as you do!

  4. Hey Clare! I'm actually very excited at the other avenues Ms. Wellington will be exploring this year. Her book is absolutely on the top of my list of books to read (when it is released of course), and the Tri Harder training programs with you guys over at AudioFuel look pretty interesting. I am working on gathering a bunch of info to write up a little post about these things, so check back in the coming days and hopefully I'll have gotten it done!