Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wind burn?

That's my thumb, with a blister from supposed "wind burn"

So I'm not really sure what happened.  All I know is, about 4 or 5 day ago, I started getting blisters on my right hand (my left hand has the same burn, just not any blisters).  It's mainly on my thumb, as you can see in the above picture, but also on my middle finger (I didn't want to give you all the bird, so I'll just keep that photo to myself).

Last week, for one of my rides, I basically rushed out the door to get going on my bike ride and forgot to wear my gloves.  It was a pretty cold and windy day, but nothing excessive.  If I remember correctly, it was about 50*F when I was out riding.  I didn't notice anything for a few days.  Actually, it was after I went running a couple days later, in again cold and windy weather.  The day after that run, I started to notice little blisters where these "burns" were.  And for the next few days, these blisters just kept growing and growing, until finally they covered most of my thumb and I now seem to hit them on a hard object about 5 times a day, which is quite painful.

So what does this mean?  Well, it means that I probably will sit out for the next couple of swim workouts.  I can't imagine that soaking an open sore in an over-chlorinated pool can be all that great for me.  I'm hoping that by my Friday swim I'll be close enough to healed that I can swim, but only time will tell.  It also means that I am absolutely going to make sure that I wear gloves for every bike ride.  Pretty lame if you ask me.

Anyways, just wanted to give a quick update on my first injury of the Iromna CdA training season (if you want to count this as an injury that is).  Thanks for reading!


  1. wow . . this is a weird one. maybe you were just riding too darn fast and it is burning the skin right off your hands ? . . .

  2. Yeah, that's the explanation we'll go with!