Sunday, January 22, 2012

IM CdA Training - Week 3

Is it just me, or are these weeks flying by?!  Seriously though, I feel like I take a day off on Monday, start back up on Tuesday, and all of the sudden it's Sunday again and I'm getting ready to take another day off.  Crazy!  So far I am really enjoying this training plan.  It's early on, so everything is very relaxed and quite fun.  In week 2, I put in just over 9 hours of training and just over 100 miles of training all together.  That's a little less than week 1, but there was no "long bike" this week (which there is again in week 3!).  So, week 2 is in the books, and week 3 is as follows:

Monday - REST!
Tuesday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 15 minute bike.
Wednesday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour run.
Thursday - BRICK workout: 1 hour bike followed by 30 minute run.
Friday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 20 minute bike.
Saturday - 3 hour bike.  35 minute recovery run.
Sunday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 20 minute run.

Good luck to anyone else that's training this week!

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