Friday, April 15, 2011

I See You!

The internet is an interesting thing.  It has most definitely changed the world.  I doubt that anyone reading this is unfamiliar with this technology...if you are, then how are you reading this?  It's always very amusing to me to see what types of things people will put on the internet!

Whether or not these people chose to have their videos on the internet, I'm not sure.  My question is, did you really think you were that good before the failed audition?  Look at American Idol.  I haven't watched this show for a number of season, mainly because I keep thinking, "If they've had X number of seasons, and the top 10 aren't allowed on the show again, aren't this seasons 'top 10' last seasons rejects?"  The part that really confuses me is the beginning of the season when all of the horrible auditions are shown.  Who was lying to these people to make them believe that they were actually not wasting their time by going and auditioning for the show?  But that's a whole other subject...

The internet is also very interesting because people seem very wishy-washy about security.  I'm willing to bet that most people would just post their address online, right?  I probably would either.  But, if you own a little Garmin device, and you elect to make your workouts public, there is a very, very detailed map included with each workout.  And typically, people start their workouts from their house.  That is my neighbor's case.

This is a Garmin Nuvi, not the typical workout device.  But it has a pretty map picture, huh?
Earlier today, I was searching around on Garmin Connect just to see what other people that live near me had been up to.  I came across a workout that hinted at a hill just down the road from me.  I clicked on the workout, and it appeared to start and stop very close to my house.  I zoomed in and knew exactly who this was!  It was a guy who lives in my neighborhood, but North of me by a couple of streets.

I've never talked to this neighbor, or really ever even seen him out on his bike.  I knew he had a bike because I've seen it in his garage before (he had it open one day when I was heading out for a bike ride), and there was someone who rode by our house a few days ago which I assumed to be him.  I did some further investigation into his Garmin history and discovered that this guy is a pretty good cyclist!  Much better than me (which isn't necessarily saying much...).  He has a few races saved on his profile that were pretty impressive.  I don't know how he placed, just what his stats were.

Like I said, I don't actually know this guy.  Maybe he doesn't mind having a map drawn directly to his house.  I just found it a little funny that I was able to learn so much about a guy that I don't know.  Is that creepy at all?  It is to me.

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