Friday, February 10, 2012

IM CdA Training - Week 5

Oops!  I totally blew it on posting my training plan for week 5.  I have no excuses...just dropped the ball.  I can tell by all of the comments that were flooding in that you all out there were on the edge of your seat, just wondering what I was going to do this week for training.  Well, your prayers have finally been answered!  Sorry to anyone who may be training along with me for the delay.

Week 5 is another BASE week (the first 8 weeks are BASE weeks).  It's just some more increasing of times/distances, and a little bit of speed work built in.  Here's what is going on:

Monday - It's the new Sunday (which is supposed to be the day of rest!), so I'll be resting.
Tuesday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 15 minute bike.
Wednesday - 1 hour swim.  45 minute run.
Thursday - BRICK workout: 1 hour bike followed by 30 minute run.
Friday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 15 minute bike.
Saturday - 3 hour 30 minute bike.  30 minute recovery run.
Sunday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 30 minute run.

Now, since I'm writing this on Friday afternoon, I need to go get ready for my bike ride of the day and start preparing for the long one tomorrow!  

Thanks for reading!

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