Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lance Armstrong is off the sauce!

Just this week, the legend known as Lance Armstrong was finally cleared of his drug doping charges!  Whether or not you think he ever doped, I'm just glad that it's finally over.  Here is an ESPN article about the charges against the super-human cyclist being dropped.

And funny that those charges were dropped.  A few years back, there was a guy named Alberto Contador on Lance Armstrong's team during the Tour de France.  In 2010, Contador and Armstrong were the favorites to win the Tour, and it was assumed that Armstrong would be the chosen one for the team.  However, Contador had different plans, and as the Tour unfolded, Contador was in a better spot to be supported by the team.  Well, he went on to win in 2010 (among other years).  The funny thing is, he has now been stripped of his 2010 Tour de France title!  That's right.  The guy who beat Lance has been found guilty of doping (he claims he was he ate contaminated meat...) and is now serving a 2 year ban.  His ban won't actually be 2 years, because they are back-dating the ban to include some time already served.

So we have Lance being found innocent, and the guy who beat Lance being found guilty.  I find that to be pretty funny.  I can't help but wonder if Lance would have ended up winning if he had his entire teams support during the 2010 Tour, instead of having a rogue clenbuterol-doping teammate trying to out work him.  Interesting.

And that's my deep thought of the day.  Could Lance have won another title if Contador hadn't been doping, and had supported Lance during the Tour?  Maybe, maybe not.


  1. I've been on the Even If He Did Dope I Don't Want To Know Anymore boat for most of this. He's used the fame his cycling gained to raise more money than anyone else could. But I hope it really is finally over. Now we can get back to getting Barry Bonds' ass.

    Speaking of Mr. Larmstrong:

  2. Hey Dirtbag! That's a pretty intimidating message from L. Armstrong. I think if I would have received that message, I would just drop out of the race and not even show up! up and try to kick his butt! What a great experience for you to be racing with him! Good luck to you!