Wednesday, February 15, 2012

IM CdA Training - Week 6

Well, after a rest day and another rest day (I decided it would be best that I not do any training on Valentine's Day, and instead dedicate my entire existence to making the family happy on Cupid's holiday), this week started on Wednesday (today).  And it's actually a little crazy, because I had to add Tuesday's training to Wednesday in order to not miss the workouts....well, I still left out the swim workout.  So, here's what week 6 was supposed to look like before I moved a couple things around to fit my personal schedule:

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 15 minute bike.
Wednesday - 1 hour swim.  45 minute bike.
Thursday - 1 hour 30 minute bike.  55 minute run.
Friday - 1 hour swim.  1 hour 55 minute bike.
Saturday - BRICK workout - 1 hour 30 minute bike followed by a 30 minute run.
Sunday - 1 hour swim.  55 minute run.

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