Monday, August 29, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 31

Race week again!  There's nothing like having back to back race weeks.  Last weekend was Barn Burner 104, and this weekend it's the Disneyland Half Marathon.  Last year I was able to smash my previous PR for the half marathon distance at this same race.  This year, that's not really my goal.  The main reason that I'm doing the Disneyland Half Marathon this year is because of the Coast-to-Coast challenge.  To explain it simply, there's a special medal that you get if you do a Disney race in Florida and California in the same calendar year.  On that note, this week is somewhat taper again, and somewhat not.  Whatever you want to call it, here's week 31:

Monday - Swim :45.
Tuesday - Run :45.  Swim 1:00.
Wednesday - Bike 1:30.
Thursday - Run 1:00.  Bike 1:30.
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Run 3 miles easy.
Sunday - Race day!  Run 13.1 miles!

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