Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This weekends bike race could be a wet one!

This weekend I'll be participating in a 4-person mountain bike relay race.  We will each be riding a little over 26 miles through a course up near Flagstaff, AZ.

Tentative race course for the 2011 Barn Burner
As a team, our goal is to finish under ten hours so we can earn our glorious belt buckles.

The Buckle!
If everything goes as planned (the plan being that everyone else goes fast enough to make up for my slow butt!), then we'll be cutting it pretty close, but hopefully be on time.  One major factor, other than there being a super slow, novice mountain biker on the team (me!), could be the weather.  I went ahead and took a look at the weekend forecast for the race location, and it looks like it could be a little interesting...

The dreaded weekend forecast
The most important thing to note in the above photo is the stats for Saturday (race day).  More specifically, lock your eyes onto the bottom of the Saturday column, where it reads "Precip: 40%".  That's not the kind of number I was hoping to see for race day.

Mountain biking in the rain is probably pretty fun, of course, I wouldn't know because I've only every mountain biked three times!  I assume it would be a good time though.  I also assume that I would be quite a bit slower than what I would be if it were dry out.  The good news is that there's still a few days until race day, and there's plenty of time for the weather to change its mind!  


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