Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New tri clothes pictures!

I wrote a little post about a week ago about some new tri clothes that I have recently come to own.  At the time I wrote that other post, I wasn't able to include pictures of said clothes.  Well, today is your lucky day (if you consider seeing my new tri clothes as lucky, that is)!

First up is my new pair of Pearl Izumi tri shorts.  They are black and white and have one zipper pocket in the back.
Pearl Izumi ELITE IN-R-COOL tri short
Next up is the TYR Competitor tri short.  They have one rear zipper pocket and a small side pocket on each leg.
TYR Competitor tri short
And now we're in to the clothing that was purchased for $5 each at a triathlon in Colorado.  Crazy!
First is the TYR Tracer tri suit.  Again, purchased for $5.
TYR Tracer tri suit in black.  I found it on sale online for $119!
 This next piece is an Ironman compression cycling jersey, also purchased for $5.  There's two views of this one...
Ironman compression cycling jersey, in black.  This is the back, with 3 large pockets on the bottom, and the M-dot on the top.
A close-up of the front of the Ironman jersey...
 Lastly, there is a tech tee, again, purchased for $5.  It's a red shirt that doesn't leave any questions...
What is triathlon again?  Oh yeah, swim, bike, run.  Duh!
This is the front of the shirt.  It's a very comfortable shirt, and for $5, it's even more comfortable!
Alright!  Don't you feel so much better now that you've had the chance to see actual photos of my new tri clothing?  I know I'm sure going to sleep better at night.  Thanks again for reading!

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