Monday, August 1, 2011

New tri clothes

It's been a while since I've purchased new triathlon clothing.  I've been lucky enough to have been selected for Team Marathon for the last two seasons, which comes with the great benefit of receiving some pretty nice racing apparel.  Unfortunately, that gear is more run/cycling specific.  I do have a pretty sweet Team Marathon tri top that I will be wearing for this year's Ironman Arizona, but my current selection of tri shorts have seen better days.

It wasn't until last week that I actually came to own a few pairs of new tri shorts, and an awesome TYR one-piece tri suit.  I purchased a Schwaggle coupon for which allowed me to buy a $72 pair of tri shorts for $40.  Then a few days later, I found a smokin' deal on a pair of Pearl Izumi tri shorts.  Then another day later, my in-laws were at a triathlon in Colorado and came across a clearance table of sorts.  This table was selling everything, and I mean everything, for $5 each.  They were kind enough to hook me up with that TYR tri suit that I mentioned earlier, along with an awesome Ironman cycling jersey and an equally awesome running/tech shirt.

I had forgotten how nice a new pair of tri shorts felt, until I put on the stuff that I recently came to own.  And not only that, all of my previous tri shorts were basically bottom of the barrel.  This stuff that I own now is actually really nice stuff!  It's amazing the difference that exists between the cheaper apparel and the more expensive stuff.

Now, unfortunately, technology is not being a friend of mine at the moment, so I don't have any pictures to share.  But, as soon as I get my devices all working together, I will post some pictures of my new clothing.

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