Sunday, November 27, 2011

I forgot a couple of photos!

In the midst of writing up these novel-style race reports (sorry they were sooooo long!), I forgot to include a couple of pictures that were pretty funny.

At one point in the race recap, I explained that The Wife and her sister had bumped into Eric Byrnes' wife.  Well, The Greats (The Wife's grandparents) are actually big fans of Major League Baseball, and more specifically the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Diego Padres.  It took some explaining, but the instant that The Greats realized that Eric Byrnes' wife was just on the other side of the bike-start chute was priceless!  See for yourself:

Here is my mom explaining to The Wife's grandma that Eric Byrnes' wife is just across the way
Here is the look on her face when she finally understands
And now here's my mom laughing at that particular reaction
I think she would have passed out if she saw Eric Byrnes go by on his bike!  Definitely an awesome reaction.

Ok, I think I'm finally done talking about this Ironman race.  Maybe.  Eh, I'll probably find something else to write about it.  Ha!

Thanks for reading!

*And thanks Rachel (not The Wife, like I incorrectly stated in a previous post) for the pictures!

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