Friday, November 4, 2011

Well played, Eric Byrnes

Throughout the course of my training for this years Ironman Arizona, I've written many posts.  One of the most exciting posts was when I broke the shocking story (by reading it in Triathlete Magazine and writing a post about it...ha!) about the former Arizona Diamondbacks great, Eric Byrnes, personally challenging me to a duel at Ironman Arizona 2011.  Ok, so he didn't quite challenge me, he more just registered for a race that I registered for...but that's basically the same thing, right?!

Since bringing this news to the world's attention, I've made a few attempts to get in touch with Eric Byrnes to ask him a few questions about his training and racing and his approach for IMAZ.  I was unsuccessful.  And I can't really blame him.  It's quite obvious what's going on here.  He's avoiding me!  And the only reasonable explanation that I've been able to come up with is that I have greatly intimidated him.

I received an email from my dad the other day that included a flier for a little party that was coming up.  I opened up the email, only to have my breath taken away and my jaw to drop to the floor.  This is what I saw:

Eric Byrnes finally emerges!

Sweet!  I can finally meet face to face with Byrnsie and ask him about this Ironman business.  Well, let me tell you what.  This must have all been part of Eric Byrnes' master plan.  I am 99% sure that he somehow got his hands on my work schedule, found a day that I was working, and planned this little shindig for that day!  Preposterous!

So it looks like maybe today he has won the battle, but the war is far from over!  Ironman Arizona is only about two weeks away, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens out there on race day.  It's almost battle time!

*Side note:  The event being put on by Triple Sports is probably going to be a really great event.  I tried just going to the website listed, and it did not work.  So, I'll instead provide with the registration link that was contained in the email.  Click here to go to the registration page!

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