Thursday, November 3, 2011

Open Water Swim (posted by The Captain)

Last Tuesday, The Captain and I decided to try something a little new for our swim training, since we have a 2.4-mile open water swim coming up pretty soon.  I had learned, via the amazing world of internet technology, that there was a local tri club that met each week at Lake Pleasant to do an open water swim practice.  The Captain and I decided to head on over to one of their practices, and do a little product sampling at the same time.  He would be bringing his Wheaties Fuel, and I was bringing a ton of sample-sized Marathon Bars to hand out.  Well, the trip was not quite what we expected.  The Captain wrote up a pretty good post about our adventure before I did (I was being lazy...), so I thought I would just post a link to send you on over to his page.

The only difference between his version of the story and my version is that I was handing out Marathon Bars, not Wheaties Fuel.  Everything else is basically the same.  So click here to read about our wonderful afternoon at Lake Pleasant.

Thanks for reading!

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