Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2012 Boston Marathon registration

On Monday, the registration process for the 2012 Boston Marathon began.  It's a little different this year than it has been in the past.  This year, there are up to two weeks of registration, with the faster runners getting first dibs.  I came across another guy's blog that really sums it up perfectly...

Taken from "ithoughttheysaidrum.blogspot.com"

If you can't see the picture (if you get my blog by email) then you'll have to go to my actual site to see it.  It's pretty good.

As you may remember, I qualified for the 2012 Boston Marathon at the 2011 Disney World Marathon with a time of 3:10:25.  Seems like a decent marathon time (at least for me!), but it only qualified me by :35.  That's not so good.  According to the new registration procedure, I am in the "barely qualified" category, which is just above those who did not qualify.  The chances of me not only getting to register, but then getting selected are pretty slim to none.

So for now I play the waiting game.  All I can do is check back periodically to see if registration has reached capacity.  And if, for some ridiculous reason, registration is still available on Monday, September 19th, then you better believe I'll be sending in my application the very minute that I am allowed to!

As a side note, I took a little look at the already-registered 2012 Boston Marathon athletes.  These are the athletes that have qualified by "20 minutes or more" under their age/gender specific qualifying time.  I couldn't help but notice that the majority of people that were able to register are "older" athletes.  I am not saying they are old, I'm just saying they are mostly over the age of 40.  I just found that to be interesting...

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