Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Team Rev3 (formerly Team Trakkers) applications

Last year, at about the same time that I was applying for Team Marathon 2010, I was also looking into purchasing some sort of real-time GPS tracking device that would allow The Wife to track me during training.  It gets pretty hot here in Arizona, and a lot of my training occurs near busy roads, so sometimes she worries about me while I'm out (but sometimes I wonder how much.  I mean, she was pretty determined to get me a lovely insurance plan).  I had some trouble finding any devices that could achieve this, so I sent fitness technology guru Ray Maker an email asking for his advice.  He gave me a few options, include the Trakkers GPS device.

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When I went to their website to look at their product, I found something peculiar.  They had a partnership with a company called Rev3.  I didn't know anything about either one of these two companies, so I did some fishing around.

First, the GPS device was a real-time broadcasting device that would allow people to follow along online, in real time!  Awesome!  Not only would that be sweet for training, but think about the uses during a race!  Well, apparently somebody else thought of this, because they made a partnership with Rev3.

Rev3, as I found out, was a pretty new triathlon company.  At the time, they only had 3 races (I think), and they were pretty far from my home (not really driving distance).  They said that they are a company who puts on "family friendly events" and really works to make race day an enjoyable experience for everyone.  Right on!  This intrigued me a bit, so I started looking up videos on YouTube, and they definitely do look like fun events, for the whole family.  For example, they have a kids race on race weekend called "Little REV"!  Needless to say, I was impressed with this company, and I had only seen videos and pictures.  Unfortunately, they were very far away.

Back on the TrakkersGPS page, I noticed that they had a sponsored team on Pro athletes, and another section for age group athletes.  Really?  That's pretty awesome.  I clicked on it to check out the athletes and what I saw immediately caught my eye...
"Join Team Trakkers in 2011!  Click here for the online application"
Of course, I had to throw my name in the hat for this one.  It seemed like such a great opportunity, and the two companies, from what I head seen and read online, really seemed like stand-up companies.  Well, to make a short story longer, I didn't make the cut last year.  But this is a new year, and following the companies you like on Facebook can keep you in the know.
Oh heck yeah!  That was the announcement taken from the Team Trakkers Facebook page.  So, I think I'm going to give it lucky try number two.  I still feel like these guys put on great races (from what I can see in posted videos and other athlete's comments).  And, what's even better is they have added a few races since I last applied, and there's a couple that are driving distance (a long, long drive).

Let me end by saying I have absolutely nothing to do with Rev3 or Trakkers (yet hopefully!), they just come across as good, quality companies.  If you think you would enjoy high quality, family oriented race weekends as well, maybe you should apply for this team too!

And not to keep dragging this on, but I'll leave you with two videos.  First is a video of one of the kids adventure races that is put on during race weekend at the Rev3 events.  Don't even try to tell me that it doesn't look like fun (even for adults!):

Lastly is this video featuring 2-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander.  Craig is not a Rev3/Trakkers sponsored athlete, but he obviously was pretty impressed with the race he just completed:

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  1. Is Team Trakkers still around? If so, do you have any contact information for them?