Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coast to Coast shadow box

While at the 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon expo, the Wife and I passed a booth that was selling shadow boxes for the Coast-to-Coast Challenge.  A shadow box is basically a picture frame that has depth to it, and allows you to put solid objects inside the picture frame.  I have seen this at other expo's before, but this one was a pretty cool way to display all of the medals from this challenge.  This is an image that I found on the internet of the actual shadow box that was at the expo:

I think this is actually for the 2008 Coast-to-Coast Challenge, as you can see on the medals.

I thought it was really neat looking, until I saw the $250 price tag associated with it.  At that point, I decided it wasn't that cool, and I basically forgot about it.  Well, today the Wife had a little homemade surprise for me:

My shadow box for the 2011 Coast-to-Coast Challenge!

That's pretty awesome, right!?  And the kicker?  It only cost about $25 (by using some coupons!).  That's definitely worth it!

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