Monday, September 5, 2011

Muscle Milk is confused...

A while back, I signed up for a pretty sweet deal through Facebook.  Muscle Milk - Arizona posted on their page that the first 80 people to send in their information would get to race the Mount Lemmon marathon/half marathon for free.  And on top of that, Muscle Milk was going to provide a hotel room and dinner the night before the race, and some apparel to race/train in.  Well, I did get registered for the race, and received the training shirt (that everyone who registered for the race received, not just us "Muscle Milk" people).  What I, or anyone else that got in on this deal, hasn't heard, is anything else relating to this race.

Our original contact for this race went by "Yo".  Her name was Yolanda.  She did a good job at keeping us informed and letting us know when there was a group training run or some other event happening.  She also was heading up a monthly training email to keep everyone on track.  Well, we received one email, about 2 months ago, and haven't heard a word since.  Numerous people have tried to contact Muscle Milk, and nobody has been successful.  A bunch of us have also posted on Muscle Milk Arizona's Facebook page, hoping to get a response, which has just been ignored.

Unfortunately, this puts a lot of us in a tough spot.  I do know that we are registered for the race, but we have no idea of we are needing to take care of our own logistics.  It would be nice if Muscle Milk would at least acknowledge the questions that people are asking, or just send out a quick email to let us know whether or not all of the things that they promised are still happening.  

So for now, this race is probably going to be taken off of my schedule, and if I end up racing it, I will be doing it solely as a tough training day.  Oh well!


  1. WOW - that is pretty bad... hopefully they will get it together and let you know something soon.

  2. Thanks for reading Karen @ working it out! It's been pretty weird. A lot of us "Muscle Milk Machine" people are trying to get some answers and it seems like there's nobody responding, at all. Pretty lame.