Sunday, September 25, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 35

Last week was a big week.  It contained two training milestones for this season.  First was the first century bike ride, which ended up at 106 miles.  Then, the very next morning, was an 18 mile run.  Both workouts were completed with The Captain, so it was a great week for the both of us.  This week won't have quite as long of a bike ride, only because I couldn't find time to sneak away for another century ride (otherwise it would totally be in there!), but it does contain another long run.  This time, it's 20 miles!  Anywho, here's the plan for week 35:

Monday - Swim 1:00.
Tuesday - Run :45.  Bike 1:00.
Wednesday - Bike 1:30.
Thursday - Bike 1:00 with BRICK Run 1:00.
Friday - Swim 1:00.  Run 20 miles.
Saturday - Bike 4:30.
Sunday - Swim 1:00.

That's it!

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