Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easy Rider

First off, I've noticed that if you read my blog through email, you miss out on seeing all of the fantastical photos that I use to really draw the reader in.  I'll try and always note if there is a photo, so when you're reading the email you'll know that you've missed something exciting.  At that point, you can choose your fate: either go to my blog's home page and get the full experience, or just make up your own image in your head.  Either way is good!  On to the post!

My wife and I have been taking some steps to make ourselves financially free.  More specifically, we paid off all of our debt!  Not including our mortgage, of course.  We followed the Dave Ramsey plan.  One of the things that we made sure to do was get some sort of long-term disability insurance.  Whether or not you agree with buying this type of insurance is probably based on your personal situation, and obviously everyone is in a different situation.  For us, without getting into all of our personal reasons, we felt that this was important.

One of the reasons why we felt this was important is because I frequently ride my bike out on the open road (I mean, it is called "road" cycling).  And a during the summer months, I usually ride my bike to and from work, during rush hour.  I can count the number of close calls I've had on one hand, but that's still to many for my liking.  If one of these close calls became and actual accident, chances are I would fair very well.  I was always a little nervous think that if I wrecked my bike, and was out of commission for any lengthy period (more than three months is what I consider lengthy), there's pretty much nothing I could do about it.  Now that we have this long-term disability plan, I basically ride my bike with my eyes closed because I know that if I get hurt badly, it's no big deal!  Heck, I don't even use headlights, tail lights, or a reflective vest any more!A  Besides, I'm usually pretty tired on the way to work anyway, so riding with my eyes closed is my way of trying to catch up on some needed sleep!  (Ok, so I still use all my safety stuff, and probably too much of it!)

Like I said, whether or not you agree with me is your opinion, and that's fine.  We just felt that we have worked hard on our finances, and don't want to take any steps backwards if something happens to one of us.

On a lighter note, do you know what this picture is?:

Don't be jealous!
Yes, those are my super sexy chicken legs.  More importantly, I'm showing off my great fashion sense.  I'm fairly certain that the plaid shorts, calf compression sleeves, and flip flops look is going to become the next new fashion craze.  It's far better than this guys look:

Justin Bieber at the Grammy Awards

Those shoes were a bad idea.  What I'm showing you in the photo of my oh so manly legs is my typical running recovery technique.  I leave those bad boys on for twice as long as I ran, and I feel fantastic afterwords!  It's that time of year again that my running frequency picks up, so I'll pretty much be living in these compression sleeves (sorry Wife!).  So, if you find yourself being sore after a run, you might want to try out some compression garments.  That's all for now!

Again, Happy 311 Month!

This is a live video from the recent 311 Cruise...I wish I was there!

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  1. It's 311 month now?! Please don't ride your bike with your eyes close babe. I don't want you to be out of commission... not so much for the paycheck as the fact that men get whiney when they are not feeling good ; ) j/k. Plus, you wouldn't be working out, so I wouldn't get to admire your fashion sense with those ugly, I mean awesome compression stockings. Love love!