Monday, March 21, 2011

New Shoes and More Shoebacca confusion...

After what seems like an eternity, but was really only a couple of weeks, my new shoes have arrived!  Here they are:

I haven't run in them yet, so I can't quite comment on how freakin' sweet they are.  But I'll definitely be sharing my opinion on these new works of art some time next week.

As for Shoebacca, I'm not sure what they are doing out at their headquarters, located in Unorganizedville, TX.  I never had any problems with them in the past.  It just seems like my order this time around is too complicated for them.  I mean really, who orders two pairs of shoes at one time?!  So to recap this great American tale, I ordered two shoes (same shoe, different colors) on two separate orders (one shoe per order).  I used one Groupon for each order, as well as submitted a price-match comparison for each order.  My price match was initially rejected, after they waited a week to do the comparison and the competitor website ( was sold out.  After a lengthy conversation with what I'm sure was one of my friends playing a joke on me (otherwise it was just completely embarrassing customer service!), I was able to come to an agreement that I would exchange my shoes for the next size up, allowing me to get the price match.  So much work!  We now continue on this adventure...

I sent my shoes back to Shoebacca on Friday, March 11th.  As soon as I got home from dropping them off at my local UPS Store, I sent off an email letting them know that the shoes were on their way, as well as the info for the price match.  I was granted the price match (finally), and was now waiting for my new shoes to arrive.  One week went by, and it was now Friday, March 18th.  At 11:37 a.m., I received an email from Shoebacca that started off like this (a direct quote by the way): "We're sorry that your recent order# XXXXXXXX didn't work out for you. We’ve processed your refund..."  I had to look around for the candid camera.  I thought for sure my wife was setting me up and some Ashton looking goofball was going to come jumping out.  Nope.  Shoebacca is that dumb.  I immediately called them and, oddly enough, spoke with the same customer service person that I last spoke to about my shoes (and the one who ended up granting me the price match refund).

For some reason, she knew exactly who I was by my name.  Did I make that good of an impression?  I told her about the email, and that under my personal Shoebacca account, my order was listed as "exchange".  She had no idea what had happened (big surprise!), and said she would be giving me a call back.  A couple hours went by, and no phone call.  I checked my email again, and sure enough, I had two confirmation emails explaining that my exchanges had been received/processed, and I would receive another email when they shipped.  Later that same day, I did receive a call back from my go-to-person at Shoebacca telling me that my shoes were being upgraded to overnight shipping and would be here Saturday night.  Awesome!  I thought that was very nice of them, and thanked them for doing that for me.

Done right?  No.  This is where the saga either ends, or continues.  In the "return" email, there was also a new Groupon code.  They had issued this code to me because my order was apparently refunded, even though it never really was.  Just out of curiosity, I entered the code on the Shoebacca page to see if it works.  And it does!  So, now I'm at a crossroads.  I can either forget about the code and be done with all of this.  Or I can use the code and buy another pair of shoes.  I know it's probably not right for me to use the code.  But was it right for them to give me such a hassle?  Is this extra coupon a sort of payment for what happened?  I'm not sure.  Shoebacca sure had no problem trying to keep a few of my dollars.  Is it wrong if I keep a few of their dollars?

What would you do in this situation?  Just to put it in perspective, it is a $50 code.  That's a pretty good chunk of change.  If you don't think I should use it, do you want it?  Who wouldn't want $50 for free?  My point is, Shoebacca gave me such a hard time, I can't even decide if I want to use a free $50 coupon code!  Well played Shoebacca.


  1. Unorganizedville is right! It's like my cat is running this company. I hear them typing when I call. Who are they typing too? Why is it that everytime I call I have to retell them the entire story of how they've double charged my credit card, credited me the wrong amount and ignored my emails. It's been a week of constant contact with them. I'll never buy from them again but right now I'm stuck in their web of confusion. I'm going to lose it if they tell me one more time that I need to speak with "corporate" but that they can't provide the number to me or transfer me.

    Seriously, Jason, use the code and don't spend a penny over it. God knows how long you'll spend straightening it out. I'm considering starting a facebook page warning others.


  2. Hey C-A! Thanks for reading! This entire Shoebacca debacle was completely ridiculous. I did end up using the $50 credit and bought my wife a pair of shoes. If I remember correctly, we had another problem.

    I couldn't get the online ordering to work right, so I called in the order and was quoted a different price. They said they couldn't locate the price that I saw online. So, I did an "screen shot" of my online order and sent it to them. They received it, but still said they couldn't match that offer, because they couldn't find it in their system. I was then told that what they would do is send me a very generous coupon to use for a future purchase. Well, this was a year ago and I have yet to receive any such coupon.

    I, and everyone I know, am done with Shoebacca. My last two experiences have been absolutely horrible, and their customer service was embarrassing. C-A, I'm sorry you had to experience the wrath of Shoebacca too! Take care buddy!