Sunday, March 6, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 6

Week 5 (the first week of my PREP period) was basically a total bust.  I ended up needing more recovery from the Ragnar Relay than I was expecting, so I didn't do any runs.  I did get in a couple of bike sessions, but no swimming.  I'll just go ahead and pretend that week 5 was a recovery week.  Ha!  Here's to hoping that week 6 is a little, or a lot, less busy and that I can get in some good quality training.  Starting tonight!

Here is roughly what week 6 is going to look like.  As usual, I'll probably have to shuffle a few things around here and there, but this is my basic outline.  I'm not planning on writing out any specifics of my workouts (such as interval lengths) because most people don't care.  If you want to know exactly what I'm doing, just contact me and I'll be happy to let you know!  On with the plan...

Sunday - Run - 1:00 steady endurance run.
Monday - Swim - :30 easy with drills.  Bike - 1:00 with rolling hills.
Tuesday - Run - 1:30 fartlek running.
Wednesday - Swim - :45 easy with drills.  Bike - 1:15 with drills and rolling hills.
Thursday - Run - 1:30 steady endurance run.
Friday - Swim - 1:00 easy with drills and endurance swimming.
Saturday - Bike/Run brick - 2:00 endurance biking followed by :30 tempo run.

Just to explain the times quickly.  I put together this training plan using Joe Friel's "The Triathlete's Training Bible", second addition.  There's a section in the book that helps you to figure out how many training hours per week you can achieve.  My weekly hours will slowly peak at 18, but that's not for some time.  Joe went ahead and broke down the weekly hours into descending times to make it easy to schedule other workouts.  I'm simply taking the longest workout and applying that to my longest bike workout, and spreading the other times around as I see fit.  This weeks planned total is 11 hours, which is up from the TRANSITION period that only had 9 hours per week.  As the weeks go by, each workout will gradually increase in duration.

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