Saturday, March 12, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 7

It's that time of the week again...another weekly training update.  This last week was actually a lot closer to on-track than some of my other weeks have been.  I still feel that my legs are quite a bit tired from the Goofy Challenge and the Ragnar Relay, so I'm taking it a bit easier on the run that I normally would.  I'm still putting in the same amount of time, just not pushing the tempo quite as much.  I'll probably continue to hold off on the run for another week or so...I have a lot of training ahead and there's no sense in causing injury already!

If you forced yourself to read week 6's schedule, then week 7's schedule might look oddly familiar to you.  That's because it's the exact same thing!  Like I always say, this is just the skeleton of what my week will hopefully look like.  I am always going to have to shift a couple workouts either forward or backward by a day or so to make things work.  I guess that's just the price I pay for choosing a time consuming hobby when I already have a career and family and numerous other things I'm involved in (can you hear the pitty party violin playing in the background?).  Alright, enough rambling.  Here's week 7:

Sunday - Run - 1:00 steady endurance run.
Monday - Swim - :30 easy with drills.  Bike - 1:00 with rolling hills.
Tuesday - Run - 1:30 fartlek running.
Wednesday - Swim - :45 easy with drills.  Bike - 1:15 with drills and rolling hills.
Thursday - Run - 1:30 steady endurance run.
Friday - Swim - 1:00 easy with drills and endurance swimming.
Saturday - Bike/Run brick - 2:00 endurance biking followed by :30 tempo run.
On a side note, I'm very happy that it's starting to heat up in this lovely desert wasteland called Arizona.  It's starting to be the perfect temperature to ride my bike to work and be able to run or ride at any time during the day.  But in another couple months it will be miserably hot out during the afternoons and the only time to train will be in the mornings or at night.  Pretty much the exact opposite of what it's been for the last couple of months.  Guess I gotta get used to waking up early again.  CRAP!

And here's two videos that never get old....

This first video is a real news story...seriously.
This second video is this guys awesome interview, autotuned and put to some music.  AWESOME!!!

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