Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a coincidence!

Yesterday, I wrote a nice, long post about my more than wonderful Team Marathon experience.  Well, today it officially ended with a bang!  

I wrote about all of the perks that came along with being chosen for the team...the racing kits, the possible cash bonuses, the Marathon Bars, etc.  One thing I forgot to mention was the bonus that I received half way through the season.

At the half way point, Team Marathon sent out an email with a mid-season survey.  All I had to do was complete this survey and I would get a $25 gift card to one of three stores.  I chose Sports Authority, and used that card on the day after Thanksgiving to buy some running gloves, some Power Gels, and some gum.  And because it was they day after Thanksgiving, I received another $10 store credit gift card to use at a later date.  Sweet deal!

Well, since I did what I agreed to do, which was compete in four races and sample the bars on at least two separate occasions (plus fill out race reports and sampling reports for each of these six events), I was given a year-end bonus!  I think it's pretty crazy that they gave me a bonus for doing my job, but I suppose that's the type of world we live in now, where a lot of people expect a bonus for doing what they're expected to do...nope!  It's just what you're normally paid to do!  But that is a whole other subject, and one that I'm not going to get into on this blog because I would probably make a lot of people mad.  Anyways, back to the bonus that I completely expected Team Marathon Bar to give me because I did my job (<-----written with total sarcasm).  I received a $50 Visa gift card today!  How funny that I wrote that post yesterday and got a little bonus's like they were reading my blog! (99% sure that the only people who read this are my wife, parents, and of course Eric Byrnes).

This year-end gift solidifies what I wrote about in my last post.  It was such a great experience, and really was a great deal for all athletes involved.  There's really no reason to create a profile and apply for any and all ambassadorships that come available.  Just know that you'll have some competition, because I'm going to be applying to every single one!

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