Monday, March 21, 2011

Shoebacca Redemption!!!!

Ok.  Let me start by saying that throughout all of this shoebacca stuff, my intention was not to spread complete hatred for shoebacca.  As I said in prior posts, I had ordered from them before and had absolutely no problems.  It just so happened that this particular order brought along multiple problems, for whatever reason.  The good news is, I was contacted by shoebacca and they cleared the whole thing up for me.

First, I was surprised to find out that someone besides my wife, my mom, and Eric Byrnes read this blog. According to an email that I received today, Shoebacca came across my blog at some point. during this fiasco.  Unfortunately for them, I was not making positive comments about my current experience with them.  They tried to figure out what order I was referring to on my blog, but were unable to since only my first name is on my blog.  They tried to contact me through this blog, but somehow that message never came through.  I sent another email to Shoebacca, and then they realized that I was the person with the blog!  I'm not sure if by reading my blog they got a better understanding of my side of the story, but they at least felt the need to reach out to me one more time, even though more order has been completed.

The email I received was from a customer service manager named Mary.  In her email, Mary explained how they continually check blogs and Facebook to make sure that their customers are having a positive experience.  And I must say, I've look around a bit too, and it seems my experience is pretty unique.  There's not really any bad press out there for Shoebacca.  Mary explained to me that due to the problems that were involved with my order, they issued me that $50 code I wrote about yesterday.  This solves the mystery of whether or not I should use the code!  Unfortunately, for anyone else reading this, I will be using it and not giving it away.  She also said that, through my blog, they learned that they had some flaws in their system and are working on implementing new procedures when it comes to price-matching (sorry if this screws up price-matching in the future for anyone!!!).

Now that this is all over, I have mixed feelings about it.  On the one hand, I feel a little bad because I was definitely not being nice to Shoebacca.  However, I did not have a good experience with them, and I was simply voicing my opinion.  I stand by everything that I said.  On the other hand, I think that Shoebacca ended up coming out on top, and am quite happy about that.  There was a ton of different ways Shoebacca could have played this.  They could have never granted the price match, they could have shipped me the shoes and moved on, or they could take the extra step and follow up.  It is definitely good to know that they will take the time to set things right.  So thank you Shoebacca for taking that extra step.  I now look forward to applying this new code to my next order with Shoebacca, and reporting back that I had another flawless experience with them (as my orders prior to this one were!).

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  1. That is really cool that a company cares so much about their rep that they will go to such lengths to make it right.