Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday, I mentioned a little something about CoachMeTriathlon.com.  They are a start-up company/website looking to offer coaching services to anyone and everyone who wants them, in regards to triathlons.  It is going to be a little different than most other coaching services out there.  This website will not only have long term contracts, but will also have the availability of hiring a coach for as little as one session!  An athlete puts in there information and needs, that info then gets put through some computer processing magic, and then all possible coaching matches are listed.  It sounds like it could be a great tool for athletes with busy schedules, those who don't want to commit to long contracts, or those who have no friends and want to hire a friend to swim, bike, or run with.


This guy probably won't have any friends after this race and will be looking to hire some.  CRAP!
I was contacted through Athlinks.com, a website that keeps track of all your race results in one location.  According to them, I have had some decent enough results to be considered for this nation-wide coaching program, CoachMeTriathlon.com.  I'm a pretty busy guy, but I figured I'd at least hear them out and see what it's all about.  Well, it sounds like it is all based on how available I want to make myself.  One key point that this website is trying to stress is face-to-face time.  That's where I might have a problem, due to the amount of training I'm doing, work, and family.  But, I decided I'll give it a try for a little while and see how it goes.

So check out the website.  It's not officially open yet, but you can still look around and see what their whole story is.  I think the official launch date is 2/14/11.  That's when athletes will be able to start looking for coach's and start booking time.  So go, check it out and tell your friends.  I'll post more info as it become available to me.

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  1. What a great opportunity for you! Sounds like a cool concept, most of the coaching I had seen on my own was a little out of my price range. It would be nice to get sessions "as needed".