Sunday, February 27, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 5

I know I said I'd post my weekly training on Saturdays, but I was a little preoccupied with running 21+ miles this weekend from Wickenburg to Tempe.  So please forgive me.  Better late than never, right?

Week 4 was a bit of a disaster, I guess.  I got in a good bike ride, a great run, two swims, and then I had the Ragnar Relay.  So, it wasn't a disaster, I just didn't get in the bike rides that I was hoping.  Oh well.  No point in dwelling on it, just gotta move forward!  I'll have a post about the Ragnar race in another day or two. 

Welcome to the PREP phase!  What does that mean?  Not much really, just a slight increase in weekly training hours.  This first week of the PREP phase is a testing week though.  I'll be doing a test in each sport to get a baseline as to where my fitness is at.  Here's how the week looks:

Sunday - rest day (good thing because I wrote this post Sunday night!)
Monday - Bike Test.  This test is going to be a Trainer Time Trial.  It is a 5 mile test @ 9-11 bpm below my lactate threshold, which puts my goal heart rate at about 146-155 bpm for this test.  It's also done using one gear for the entire test.
Tuesday - Swim - Nice and easy for 1:00.
Wednesday - Run Test.  This is a 1 mile time trial done very similar to the bike...9-11 bpm below my lactate threshold, however, HR is sort of unreliable at such a short distance.  So instead, I will be using Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and will be just below my max.  Swim - easy swim for 30 minutes.
Thursday - Bike - 1:30 easy zone 2 biking with varying gears and single-leg drills.
Friday - Swim Test.  Swim 10x100m (2 laps) with :10 rest interval at max effort.  Run - easy thirty minute run.
Saturday - Bike - 2:00 of easy biking, staying in zone 2 or low zone 3.

Next week I'll get back to the normal schedule, with slightly longer workouts.  Should be fun!

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