Saturday, February 5, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 2

Here's week 2 of my 42-week training plan.  Man, it is just flying by!  Again, I'm currently in the TRANSITION phase, which is basically just getting used to training frequently again.  I do have my weeks scheduled out, but I'm not too concerned if I can't find the time to get in a workout, or it is cut short.  Just getting into the habit of doing the workouts is what I'm shooting for in the next couple of weeks.  So here's a recap of week 1 (for now I'll just note whether or not I did a workout, since their not very structured.  Once the sets are more, well, set, then I'll post how I felt about all of that):

Sunday - completed a run
Monday - completed a swim and completed a bike.
Tuesday - completed a bike.
Wednesday - completed a run.
Thursday - completed a bike.
Friday - rest
Saturday - I have a swim and a bike scheduled (I'm writing this on Friday night, so my fingers are crossed for Saturday!)

A pretty good TRANSITION week.  The run workouts that I'm doing are pretty intense.  Since my run fitness is still pretty high, I'm planning on keeping the run intensity up instead of backing down during the PREP phase.  We'll see how that plays out.  On to week 2:

Sunday - Run - 400m, 600m, 800m, 1200m, 800m, 600m, 400m.  All done basically all-out and with a 400m RI between each.
Monday - Swim - 30 minutes in Zone 2 with drills.  Bike - 45 minutes in Zone 2 with variable gearing.
Tuesday - Run - 5 miles @ 6:26/mile
Wednesday - Swim - 30 minutes in Zone 2 with drills.  Bike - 1:00 in Zone 2 with variable gearing.
Thursday - Run - 9 miles @ 6:49/mile
Friday - Swim - 45 minutes in Zone 2.
Saturday - Bike - 1:30 in Zone 2 with 5 sets of spin-ups, followed immediately by a 30 minute tempo run.

So basically the same as week 1.  For the most part, weeks 1-4 are all going to be very similar.  Good luck if you're joining me.  And if not, you should!

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