Friday, February 25, 2011

Ragnar Sun

As you most likely were able to gather from a previous post of mine, I'm pretty much bilingual.  And to show off my translating skills again, I went ahead and translated the name of this weekend's race to a more understandable English version...Ragnar Sun (originally known as Ragnar Del Sol).  You can thank me later.

I agreed to do this race on somewhat of a whim.  A guy I work with called me up and said he was trying to put together a "public safety" team for this ridiculous foot race.  I agreed to do it because it sounded like fun.  Originally, I was assigned to run first in the rotation.  This would have put me at 18.8 miles total.  Well, due to some other participants canceling and having to be replaced by others, I'm now running third in the rotation.  No big deal, except I now run the most out of anyone on the team, topping out at 21 miles.  Which, isn't much farther that I was planning on running.

The problem with switching legs is the progression of the legs that I'm running.  Runner number 1 has their hardest leg first, a moderate leg in the middle, and an easy leg at the end.  I was looking forward to knowing that after my first leg, it was all downhill from there.  Now, I'm basically doing the opposite.  My first leg is my easiest leg, and my last leg is my hardest and longest leg!

It's all good though.  I figure by the time I get to the last leg, I won't have slept for about 28 hours, so I probably won't have any idea as to what's going on anyways.  I'll write up a little race report once it's all over and done with, assuming I avoid running into any cars on the not-closed roads we are running on for 190 miles.  YIKES!

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