Sunday, February 13, 2011

Garmin Uploading Troubles Update

A couple posts ago I wrote about "Technology, Love it and Hate it".  To summarize, I had done a couple workouts using my Garmin Forerunner 310xt, and was unable to upload the files to my account on Garmin Connect.  After filtering through the message forums on the Garmin website, I found my solution.

There were a lot of suggestions about "corrupt files" (I'm not computer-literate enough to know much about fixing this problem).  There were also the obvious suggestions about reading the user manual.  Pretty dumb suggestion, thanks.  My solution just happened to be a lone-post.  And it wasn't even the poster's main point!  At the end of his post, he mentioned that one time his Garmin time stamped his workout with the wrong date.  So when he uploaded his workout, it was actually uploaded in the wrong year.  This got me thinking.  I decided to look at the master list of my uploaded workouts, and found 3 workouts on September 21, 2010 that were "untitled" (I always label my workouts, so I knew these were new).  I looked at each workout, and sure enough, these were my missing files!  Crazy!

As annoying as this whole deal was, I'm definitely glad to have found the files.  And, now that I know that this has happened once, if something fishy happens again, it will be the first thing I look for.

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