Monday, May 23, 2011

2 Weeks of No Running = Me Going CRAZY!

Today is exactly two weeks of me not running.  I decided to take a short two week break from running due to feeling some pain in my shins.  My shins are feeling much, much better, and I'm going to begin cautiously running on a treadmill tomorrow, with a slow progression to get back to where I was in my training.

During this two week reprieve, I have been seriously antsy.  On my second day of no running, I was already considering hopping on the treadmill, just to test things out.  But, my brain got the best of me and I decided to stick with my original plan and not run until at least two weeks had passed.

I'm sure hoping that everything goes well tomorrow...I'm going to start with a very short, easy jog to make sure that there's no pain.  If everything goes to plan, I'll be back running in no time!  And once I'm back to running, I think I'm going to implement a new training regimen, based off of this video:

Looks like I'm moving somewhere that has an abundance of lions roaming around so I can get the best results possible!

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