Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspirational Videos

Every now and then, throughout a training season, we all eventually hit a wall.  We start to lose a little bit of motivation and find it very easy to find an excuse to skip a workout.  And I'm definitely no exception.  I find myself going through this scenario each season.  Most of the time, for me, it has to do with just wanting to get more sleep.  I end up battling with myself over whether or not to just sleep in rather than get up and workout.  The funny thing is, when I do skip a workout, I usually regret it for the rest of the day.

One of the best things that I've learned for this season is to not beat myself up over a missed workout.  Chances are, if I skipped a workout, it was for a pretty good reason.  If I'm lacking motivation, it is probably because I've bee spreading myself too thin.  Now if it gets to be a usual thing, then of course I need to re-evaluate my training plan.  But hopefully it never comes to that.

A good way to get motivated is to search for videos on YouTube.  Here's a couple of videos that I've found to be pretty motivating:

This one takes a while, but this girl is freakin' amazing!


That's all for now.  If the videos didn't show up, you'll have to head on over to my page to see them.  They're pretty good, so you should check them out!

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  1. That girl is amazing... I felt bad for the dude who cranked it so hard just to lose it at the very end... I'm definitely a sucker for the injured who keep going... The english runner needs some mental health help... but NOTHING beats a good ironman clip ; )