Thursday, May 26, 2011

Energetic Rick Challenges You to a Duel!

I only know one person, personally, who does ultra running.  I think it is crazy, and inspiring.  I've read all of Dean Karnazas' books, and each time it makes me want to sign up for an ultra.  But, I have other plans on tap right now.  An ultra doesn't really work into my training plan at the moment.  This one guy that I know, Energetic Rick, is crazy!  My legs always feel like garbage after a marathon, I can't quite figure out how he runs farther than that.

Energetic Rick is a pretty motivation guy.  He's always putting up inspiration quotes or videos on his Facebook page.  Recently, he issued a challenge.  He did this last year, and it was a pretty great success, so it's back for a second year.  The challenge is simple.  It's called the "30 Days of June RUNNING Challenge".  All you have to do is challenge yourself to run, or walk, at least three miles every day during the month of June!  If you do the minimum, that's at least 90 miles...that's pretty sweet.

Energetic Rick's 30 Days of June RUNNING Challenge!
So click on the picture (hopefully I set the link up correctly) and "like" the challenge on Facebook.  I signed up.  Even on rest days I can walk three miles!

*Here's the link again in case the picture isn't working...!/pages/Energetic-Ricks-30-Days-of-June-RUNNING-Challenge/122880064413673
Or you can go to Google and type in "Energetic Rick's Challenge" in the search bar.

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