Sunday, July 10, 2011

IMAZ Training - Week 24

Oh boy.  Week 23 was basically a bust.  I knew it was going to be a tough one as I had a pretty tight schedule and actually hard a very hard time trying to figure out when I was going to get in the training.  Add to that the onset of a sore throat and things got pretty ugly.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday went well, but Thursday morning brought a sore throat, so I canceled the day's training in hopes to prevent the sore throat from progressing to anything worse.  By Friday, I felt alright, but the end of the week was when I didn't really have much time to train.  So, I'm erasing week 23 from my mind and moving on to the wonderful plans of week 24!  Here they are:

Monday - Rest day (mainly because I have no time to train...boooo!)
Tuesday - Run :40.
Wednesday - Swim 1:00.  Bike 3:15.
Thursday - Bike 2:00.  Run :30.
Friday - Run 1:00.  Bike 1:30.  Swim 1:00.
Saturday - Swim 1:00.
Sunday - Bike 2:00.  Run 1:15.

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