Monday, July 11, 2011

Yes, I'm looking for a new bike...but not this one.

I've been spending a lot of time searching around the internet lately, trying to figure out what bike I'm going to be spending my daughter's college fund on.  I've found a few intriguing prospects, and I've also come across a few that I know are off the list.  Of those bikes not being included on the list, here's the first one:

The new Felt DA (picture taken from
Sure, that is one awesome looking bike.  In fact, I can't look at it too often because my heart starts racing and I feel like a bank robber seeing the inside of a vault.  Maybe I feel that way because this bike costs $12,499 (MSRP, according to Felt's website).  Over twelve thousand dollars?!  Yeah, I'd love that bike and probably have it buried with me when I die, but I do enjoy being able to eat on a daily basis, so I'll look for a cheaper bike.

Here's another bike that isn't making the cut:

The Scott Plasma 3 (photo taken from

Yet again, another beautiful looking bike.  And yet again, a bit out of my price range.  This bike comes in at $9,999.95.  Why not just round it up to $10,000?  You're not fooling anyone with that five cent savings.  This price, by the way, was taken from

I'll tell you one thing I've learned from searching for bikes:  I now completely understand why the general assumption is that Ironman racing is a "rich man's" sport.  Searching around for a tri-specific bike is crazy!  As with everything else, though, there are the more affordable versions of each bike (which is more what I'm looking for...not a bike that requires me to take out a loan).

The list of bikes that I'm looking at really hasn't been formed quite yet.  I've more just got a sense of what I can and can not afford.  Once I have a price figured out, it'll come down to finding which bike provides me with the most bang for my buck.  One budget bike that I know I am, for sure, not considering is this one:

This is an Iceland Bike!
Although, if I could figure out how to throw on some aerobars and some water bottles, this bike may not be so bad!

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  1. well, looking at a new bike is one of the more fun exciting part of triathlon. the excitement of having a cool hot sexy tri machine waiting for you to ride/race is pretty nice. i know you will do your homework and fantasizing, and hopefully you will have a great adventure. there are so many many choices and you are lucky, because your size will dictate a "smoking deal". be patient and your daughter may have enough $$$$ to get thru a well respected trade school.

    enjoy the journy,
    old wise one